The White Suits #2 Review

Will Prizrak and Sarah get any closer to finding the White Suits? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The White Suits, scourges of Russia’s underworld, have declared war on New York’s organized crime. But NYC’s crime overlords have their own army of Russian mercenaries hunting the Suits, with FBI agent Sarah Anderson and the former Suit known as Prizrak certain to be caught in the crossfire!

whitesuits2p1The White Suits has went up a notch with this issue with it’s quirky and mysterious tale becoming even more exhilarating. The chemistry between the main character Prizrak and FBI agent Sarah is simply amazing with their similar goals making them an interesting team.

Frank Barbiere has made some tremendous progress with this issue taking what was an overly mysterious series and fleshing out the details. He does however keep the mysterious tone that made the opening issue so alluring with the White Suits as a group remaining enigmatic. The way that Barbiere has developed Prizrak as a character also impresses me with his amnesiac state making him an interesting character. Add all this to the amazing action and thrilling cliffhange and White Suits is quickly becoming one of my favourite stories out at the moment.

This series wouldn’t be nearly as good as it is if it wasn’t for Toby Cypress‘ rough and gritty artwork. The way that he utilises his immense skills is simply amazing, knowing exactly how to make his unique style of art work with this mysterious story. There are two things that clearly stand out in Cypress’ art and that’s his impacful layouts and intense colours, with both giving a energetic feel to this tale. His layouts also allow for some sombre moments that add to the reserved look of the White Suits.

The White Suits really starts to heat up with the team of ex Suit Prizrak and FBI agent Sarah being very intriguing. Highly recommended.

  • + Frank Barbiere produces yet another suspenseful script.
  • + Toby Cypress' dark and gritty art sets the perfect tone for the series.
  • + The mysteriousness of the White Suits continues to intrigue.
  • - Letters aren't always clear on who's actually talking.

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