Is this a riveting saga or a silent killer? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

NOW IN FULL COLOR! A great jumping-on point for new readers. With Zoey and several of her roommates possible suspects in the murder of Mandy Jenkins, Uncle Zeke is taken off the case to avoid a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Zoey meets her ‘fan’ for the first time without masks.

A Voice in the Dark-Get Your Gun 1_Preview PageDid you miss out on the first volume? Don’t worry because, as stated above, what we have in the context of this release is an opportunity for new and eager fanboys and fangirls to hop on this narrative train. I know there are many critics out there who claim, on occasion, that what they’re covering exists outside the norm. And I shouldn’t fall into that pitfall but I’m going to, because this one assuredly does.

Every page is a joy to read as Larime Taylor yet again proves to be a capable author. He crafts an engaging protagonist that feels genuine, and as silly as this might sound, that’s what gives this book credibility. Zoey Aarons murdered people, and even though many would say they deserved it, she still took away something that should make her a villain. Yet the scribe finds a way to keep us squarely in her corner, especially as another individual that’s like her but different gets deeper in this game. And so it goes within those shades of gray that the comic finds some study progression.

Now the most impressive feature of this literary collection is the illustrative works of the talent behind it. Larime Taylor continues to craft some expertly realized panels that speak to the core of his characters while maintaining a minimalist atmosphere. It’s a look that stands out, as each pencil stroke reveals more about this world and with colors by Jay Savage this title has never looked more appealing. And if Top Cow fans pay close attention they might just seem some familiar faces within these pages. That’s a hint and a promise.

A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #1 is a rock solid start to the second chapter of this likable killer’s life. There are some off moments where the dialogue feels a bit rocky, but Zoey continues to be real and worth rooting for. And that’s how the creative force behind this impresses with another inviting outing. Recommended.

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