A Voice in the Dark #7 Review

With all the titles arriving at your local shop, is this one a cut above the rest? Or should you ignore it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


It’s all been building to this. Zoey’s on the verge of killing again—her second and third victims—but even the perfect crime can go awry.

A Voice in the Dark 7_Preview PageWhen it comes to the ending of any arc there’s a lot of built up expectations, and for a comic book that’s been focused on the inner angst of a killer in her beginnings that’s never been more true. But thanks to a clear narrative path the creator behind this knew exactly what to do and when to do it, yielding a must own release that’s bound to please any and all already invested fans.

Larime Taylor once again pens the script, and he charts Zoey Aarons final steps toward a couple deaths and potential success with a literary backbone. But along the way he delivers some interesting moments that show why, we as an audience, need to care about this protagonist. There’s a sequence where she’s just about to get started with her work, and she falls to the ground sobbing attempting to understand why she’s going to do this. Like a person with a conscience, which is not how most murderers are projected, she reasons with herself before she gives in to her mission.

Beyond the rock solid text the scribe pulls double duty as the illustrator and I have to say this is his best work to date. There are quite a few iconic panels contained in this one, but Larime Taylor knows how to keep them anchored in reality. Strong pencil strokes and a distinct feel instantly sets this experience in motion, as its black and white palette compliments story progression. Without spoiling the endgame of this particular book, the last few pages are so full of emotion and personality that I simply can’t wait to see where this all goes come Fall 2014.

A Voice in the Dark #7 is simply superb entertainment at its finest. It feels like an extremely high point in the franchise that embraces its crescendo status right before this opening volume ends by its own terms. To sum up: it’s not perfect but it gets so close that this is without a doubt a must own for any discerning fanboy or fangirl.

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