A Voice in the Dark #5 Review

Is this a killer comic or a joke you should laugh at? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“KILLING GAME,” Part Three

With the fallout of the sorority party piling up all around her, will Zoey finally give in to her urges and start planning for murder?

Written and drawn by mouth by disabled creator Larime Taylor.

A Voice in the Dark 5_Preview Pag 1This is an exemplary release that knows what it needs to accomplish. Within the man behind this cements themes while weaving in some necessary details. The high point for me was the lunch with Uncle Zeke, which has become a staple and a nice dyad that builds up our primary players without feeling heavy handed. In short: this is a more than worthy issue.

The text is the key item that really makes this whole thing possible. Larime Taylor has found a way to give our protagonist a distinct voice that not only maintains a youthful tone but also touches on her darker tendencies. Zoey Aarons is a complex figure. And like most people in their youth she’s still figuring herself out. Beyond her we also have some social commentary, a murderer on the loose and a radio show that needs to keep its audience entertained. The narrative pace moves along swiftly in what has easily become a striking entry.

After the text ends we get a letter page where Larime Taylor reveals that he spent two weeks completing this and I have to say kudos. The art is at its best as this talent’s keen eye for detail gives birth to some fascinating visuals. The biggest complaint I can levy is the fact that there’s a hefty amount of negative space. To be fair it fits the mood of the narrative as the black and white colors fill the void, giving the property enough weight to tilt in the direction of a classic noir piece.

A Voice in the Dark #5 is one of my favorites this week. It’s another engrossing journey into a burgeoning killers psyche and if you’re not reading this than you’re missing out. Highly recommended.

  • + The text by Larime Taylor leaves an impression!
  • + Zoey Aarons is a potential killer worth rooting for!
  • + Sleek art easily gives this book a unique feel.
  • - There's an abundance of negative space.

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