Veil #2 Review

Will we learn more about Veil or will things get even more mysterious? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

A conjuring doesn’t work out as planned, and one man’s life is in danger . . . but when you have the powers of the devil at your fingertips, how bad can it get? Double-crossed and angry, the mystery man is on the hunt . . . and Veil is his target.

veil2p1I don’t really know what to make of this series as though I can clearly say that it’s terrific the mysterious nature leaves you second guessing what’s about to happen. In all honestly this is a nice change as though there are plenty of comics stories that surprise me there are many more that are very predictable. Veil also adds in the emotional aspect of how the surrounding characters deal with this mysterious character, giving a dramatic flare to this amazing story.

Greg Rucka has risen to become one of the top writers in comics today with his Punisher run and current series Lazarus both being massive hits. This however has to be the most interesting series that he’s written yet, as though the previously mentioned series have longevity over Veil, Veil is much more intriguing. Rucka also gives multi layers of mystery as despite Veil herself he also introduces other characters who are just as mysterious despite being more coherent. I also love how he delves into the human psyche and how he shows human nature and how this mysterious girl somehow affects it.

Toni Fejzula has blown me away with his artwork on these first two issues. The beauty and detail in his work makes it a joy to mull over with the dynamic feel helping to add to the overall tone of the story. I also loved the way that Fejzula shows the characters mindsets and emotions as whether it’s the franticness of Dante or the empty look of Veil it all adds to the overall tension. It is however his phenomenal colours that continue to impress me the most as apart from giving a tremendous finish they also enhance the mysterious nature of Rucka’s story.

Veil is quickly becoming one of my favourite Dark Horse series out the now with it’s mysterious and dynamic story being a joy to read. Highly recommended.

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