Undertow #6 Review

Will Anshargal get back in time to save his people? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

MINISERIES CONCLUSION! Zikia beaten, Uruku tortured, citizens in chains… How high must the bodies pile before the occupation of the Deliverer comes to an end? The battle for freedom comes home as the Watertight Pulp Epic reaches an explosive finale!

Undertow06_CoverBThe epic underwater saga that is Undertow finally comes to an end. Having been an exciting and exhilarating ride so far it was only natural that it’d end in an explosive way. And what an explosive way. Returning from his mission Anshargal and his small group have to take back their home from invaders looking for Anshargal himself.

Steve Orlando ends the series on a high, wrapping up the series in a very suspenseful and exciting way. He also manages to instil tons of emotion and determination into the characters with the tense situation bringing out their warrior instincts. Despite this however there were parts of the action that felt confused with it being hard to differentiate between the two factions. Orlando does however manage to make up for this with the open ending teasing a possible future for these characters.

Artyom Trakhanov has been doing an outstanding job throughout this series and that doesn’t change here. The beautiful colours and gritty pencils really help shape the tone and look of this story also adding that extra bit of punch. Much like Orlando’s script however the art did feel confused with the similar characters making it hard to tell who was who at times. Trakhanov was also joined by Yaroslav Astapeev with his similar style producing a textured epilogue.

Undertow has been the kind of exciting aquatic story that comics has needed being a fresh take on the Atlantic setting. This issue brings that saga to an exciting conclusion being action packed throughout. Highly recommended.

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