Uncanny X-Men Special #1 Review

There’s a lot of crossovers and events on the horizon but should followers care about this three-parter? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• Cyclops is kidnapped, but by who?!

• But what force could bring the Children of the Atom, the Armored Avenger and the Human Rocket together!

Uncanny X-Men Special 1_Variant CoverAs yet another excuse to indulge in adventures featuring Sam Alexander, I was already on board with this mini-arc. It didn’t seem like something that could have a lasting impact, but as I close this opening comic book I felt like this could be worthwhile down the road. And as the creative team proves with their contributions here there’s plenty of room to mine some interesting details as this unique team-up revs up.

Sean Ryan pens an easy to follow script with a strong focus on Cyclops and his school for gifted youngsters. We see the side of the mutant population that’s preparing for a world that contradicts everything that Charles Xavier once attempted to teach Scott Summers. Then some craziness occurs, followed by a dynamic kidnapping. The author sets up the basics of the narrative and the randomness therein yields a curious sense that seemed to promote an over reliance on happenstance. Even so the bulk of the text was amusing and had me ready for the next installment, July’s Iron Man Special #1.

The illustrations turned in by Ron Ackins suited the written word just fine. But despite some solid pencil strokes there were inconsistencies along the way that hindered the final product. From a crash landing to a S.W.O.R.D. base the talent has the gumption to tackle complex set pieces. But facial consistency seemed a bit shaky, especially as we neared the final panels contained in this release. The colors handily crafted by Ruth Redmond yielded a barrage of style that suited the visual component.

Uncanny X-Men Special #1 may not be the cream of the comic store crop but for fans it’s the start of an adventure that might just turn into something really fun. Recommended.

  • + The plot relies on too much happenstance.
  • + Carries a solid start for the crossover.
  • - The intersections seemed goofy.
  • - Nova's not in this one...

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  • John McCubbin

    I’ve learned to leave these three part specials alone as though there’s been a couple I don’t mind in general they are not worth the extra money.