Transformers: Robots In DIsguise #14 Review


After some shocking turn of events, Transformers: Robots In Disguise #14 has its fair share of action. Plot curiosities get explained, older plots come to the fore and everything begins to meld together. Also, there’s a lot of really cool robots fighting.

First, the official description from IDW:

FALL OF THE AUTOBOTS! The day the AUTOBOTS hoped would never arrive… is here. CYBERTRON is burning, BUMBLEBEE’s government is crumbling, and the end is near! Sides are chosen… and heroes fall.

So, with the Decepticons kicking things off again (they have a habit of doing that) we get the full return of Megatron. Honestly, as much as the new setting was interesting, there wasn’t anything that provided a challenge. Megatron is just that kind of bad guy.. he’s arrogant, aggressive and always providing a constant threat. It just makes good reading. Yet its still unique enough in the new setting. Optimus Prime is still somewhere out there in space and time, but he’s not here.

Rather than the two old adversaries, the title opens up new dynamics as Megatron preys on the existing Autobots.The Cybertron setting also keeps it focused, as the political themes (such as the three way struggle for power) is thrown into disarray with Megatron’s return to power. There are so many new angles to take, that this issue is almost more about its potential than its current happenings and plot points.

The issue also has a large cast. This makes sense, since the whole city of Iacon is the current setting. Given the recent riots and revelations, the writing does a good job of flowing where it needs to, rather than simply jumping from self-contained scene to self-contained scene.

Again, the previous focus on Starscream provides a fresh angle as well. In addition to the Megatron Spotlight, we’ve been given a more in depth look at Starscream. In fact, he’s been near likable. Putting such a character back under Megatron’s heels gives the old relationship with a new dynamic.

Additionally, all the action and changes in this issue gives the art plenty of opportunities to shine. There’s more than one full page splash in here, including the cliffhanger set up that only promises more for the future issues.


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