Thanos: A God Up There Listening #2 Review

Thane continues his journey of self-discovery through the history book DNA of a broken alien being – someone that witnessed ALL of Thanos’ transgressions!

The official description from Marvel:

The cosmic battle begins between Thanos The Mad Titan and Ego The Living Planet! Who will triumph? The might of Thanos’ interstellar fleet or the unseen weaponry hiding behind Ego’s cruel, giant face? Meanwhile, Thane, with the Ebony Maw of Thanos’ Black Order as his advisor, has tracked down the living biography of The Mad Titan.

Thanos A God Up There Listening 2 CoverWhat will Thane find – No! – Endure, on his journey into his father’s past? Will he be able to grasp all that is Thanos? Not likely. But he will try.

Rob Williams does a fantastic job of telling a new tale, something we haven’t seen over and over, again. This is not your run-of-the-mill Thanos story.

Iban Coello, Neil Edwards, and Paco Diaz team up to provide the beautifully illustrated story – a story of cosmic proportions! It is not every day you get to see Thanos fight EGO, THE LIVING PLANET! And once again, Dustin Nguyen‘s cover does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of the story – at least one perspective, that of the Mad Titan himself!

Thanos A God Up There Listening 2 Preview 1

I will say it again, likely for every review, I liked this story better as a Marvel Infinite Comic. The movement of the story, the battles, everything just work better in that format. It is also curious that this series (in print) is only 4 issues. The Infinite version was broken into 6 parts. Not that it matters, it is just interesting that Marvel decided to make this a 4-issue weekly, instead of 6 parts, as it was originally published. I am sure it had more to do with the format change than anything.

Thanos A God Up There Listening 2 Preview 2

The good news – if you don’t want to wait for print, you don’t have to – go buy the entire story from Marvel Digital Infinite Comics (it should be noted that this book did not come with the usual Free Digital Download, likely because of its original Infinite publication).

So, whether you want to read about Thanos’ past exploits, watch him get devoured by a giant planet, or just want to check in on Thane, be sure to check out this very interesting mini-series. And you can do so, either in print (weekly this month), or the entire story (digital from comiXology or Marvel Infinite Comics).

  • + Thanos!
  • + A story consistent with and right out of Infinity and Thanos Rising!
  • - Again, I preferred reading this comic as a Marvel Infinite Series.

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