Thanos: A God Up There Listening #1 Review

Thane, Son of Thanos makes his way through the galaxy on a mission to learn from his father’s nihilist ways…Too bad his guide is the Ebony Maw!

The official description from Marvel:

In the aftermath of INFINITY, Thane must come to terms with the knowledge that he is the son of Thanos. But when he is offered a route to the past to see his father’s black work firsthand, can he retain his humanity? And what is the dark secret residing in The Mad Titan’s war against Ego The Living Planet?

Thanos A God Up There Listening 1 CoverHolding Death in one hand, and a Living Death in the other, is now how he saw his life play out. Everything changed for him during Marvel’s Infinity event – he went from village healer to unknowing mass murderer. With is father imprisoned at his hand, and as the dust settles on Earth, Thane makes his way across the galaxy. Being led by the Ebony Maw, trying to understand where he fits in the universe.

Rob Williams does a great job picking up exactly where Infinity left off. Filling in some blanks, answering some questions, all the while, putting us on a new journey – the journey to explore the terrible life of the Mad Titan Thanos, through his only surviving progeny – Thane.

Iban Coello and Andres Mossa bring this journey of discovery to life, capturing a seamless transition from the art from the event. Dustin Nguyen’s cover does this first book justice, and we get the perfect expression from Thanos himself, one that fits how he must feel during his time captured in amber.

Thanos A God Up There Listening 1 Preview 1

While this story hit print in early October, it was originally crafted for Marvel Infinite Comics and published on July 1st. That said, I actually prefer it as a Marvel Infinite Comic. I am a big digital reader now, and the Infinite brand brings a lot to the table, that you just cannot get in print.

Thanos A God Up There Listening 1 Preview 2

Either way, I believe this story to be a great way to transition away from the Infinity event, and into an interesting cosmic side-story…learning as Thane goes. I look forward to where this is headed and discovering why the Living Planet EGO plays such a big part in the story (at least for the cliffhanger of this issue!)

  • + Infinity fallout!
  • + A standalone Thane story!
  • + Dive into the Mad Titan's past!
  • - I preferred reading this comic as a Marvel Infinite Series.

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