Superman/Wonder Woman #9 Review

Does this multi-title crossover prove to be something that’s worthy of your time? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

“SUPERMAN: DOOMED” continues with “ENEMY OF THE STATE”! As things get more dire on Earth for him, the Man of Steel may have to go into exile in space, but the self-proclaimed protectors of Sector 2814, the Red Lanterns, don’t want him there either! Don’t miss this deadly face-off between Kal and Kara!

Superman-Wonder Woman 9_Variant CoverI’m going to be completely honest, when this latest wrinkle emerged I was less than enthused. It seemed like a cheap attempt to re-work a classic villain in a way that lacked imagination. But as we begin the second leg of this arc I’m happy to say I was wrong. The creative team in this outing continues to run with a narrative that presents the Man of Steel with, perhaps, the only real viral threat he’s faced and that right there is interesting.

In the aptly named entry, “Escape“, Charles Soule uses his unique position to focus in on the relationship between Diana and Kal-El. The dialogue is at times more than a bit hammy but for the most part the author knows exactly what aspects to attack while not sacrificing the forward momentum of the book. The inclusion of Kara and the Red Lanterns along with the actions done by our sick icon further prove the impact of Doomed as the kryptonite laced clouds settle around them.

When it comes to the New 52 there are a handful of artists that not only get the updated look but deliver the classic renditions that we’ve all come to know. Tony Daniel is one of those talents. And if you don’t believe me just checkout the immaculate line work that effortlessly builds up this arc. Add in the colors done by Sandu Florea and Tomeu Morey then you’re left with a striking display that suits the players caught in this viral crossfire.

Superman/Wonder Woman #9 is not ground breaking nor will it change fan opinions on this relationship. But it does successfully continue Doomed as it comes recommended.

  • + Superman continues to fight for his very life!
  • + Offers a solid continuation of Doomed.
  • + Kara arrives with the Red Lanterns!
  • - Carries some hammy dialogue...

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  • Tomeu

    Inks are by Matt Banning and Sandu Florea and colors by Tomeu Morey 🙂

    • Harrison Rawdin

      Thank you very much for the heads up. The fix, in the article, has been made.