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Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Review

Superman-Wonder Woman 6_C
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Does this release soar or fall? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

When the Phantom Zone is breached by Zod, Superman and Wonder Woman are forced to do the unthinkable to stop the tyrant from global destruction. But can they do what must be done – and will the world forgive them?

Superman-Wonder Woman 6_Preview Page 1This is exactly the type of issue this series needed. We have a strong creative team which sees that both of these champions need to confront the question that’s been prevalent on every member of the New 52’s mind: are they better off together or apart? Well we get our answer and in a dark moment some necessary hope for not just Earth but for our icons and their union as well.

Charles Soule pens the script in a way that can be at times heavy handed but within that style we find an arc that never lacks an entertaining spark. We get to see a bit more of the gods as two serious antagonists go to work on their forthcoming, and surprisingly, Doomsday free plans. The dialogue for the most part is more than competent, as the conversations between Diana and Kal focus in on their relationship. The rockier moments surface during the overly explained plans brought to you by both Faora and Zod. By the time we reach the conclusion it’s apparent that there’s enough heart to hold this together all the way until the end.

For every narrative blow or hiccup, Tony S. Daniel visits them tenfold with a beautiful array of images that inspire. The star artist is asked to draw an impressive amount of players while keeping the focus on our favorite Kryptonian and Amazon. I have to specifically highlight the battle pages, because this is exactly the type of quality I expect from a title that joins two major franchises. Add in the colors done by Batt and Sandu Florea and you have something that’s going to stick out and even rise up.

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 is a good comic that is more than a simple crossover book. Recommended.

  • + Wonder Woman and Superman confront their relationship.
  • + Charles Soule delivers a believable narrative.
  • + Exceptional art by Tony S. Daniel.
  • - Some of the dialogue can be a bit rocky.

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