Super Dinosaur #22 Review

Can the Dynamo family and SD stop the Dino-Men? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The Dino-Men attack! United by Tyrannosaurus-X, the creations of Max Maximus are brought together for a single purpose: the destruction of the Dynamo family and Super Dinosaur!

SuperDinosaur22-pg6If there’s ever a series you’d by for sheer amusement it’d be this, as whether or not it has a strong plot, Super Dinosaur always proves to be a fun and exciting read.

Robert Kirman has proven himself as one of the best storytellers in comics today, mastering several different genres. In this issue Kirkman leaps straight into action, following last issues cliffhanger perfectly. The action itself was also exhilarating, being both very gripping and exciting throughout. Despite the issue being mainly action focused it’d be the dialogue that I’d enjoyed the most, with it ever changing tone giving realism and variance to the issue. Added to this the overpowering presence that is SD himself along with yet another gripping cliffhanger and it’s impossible to not love this series.

As usual Jason Howard’s art is what makes this series as lively as it is, with his fun style being perfect for SD. Howard had plenty of opportunity to prove this throughout the issue, with it’s action packed nature allowing Howard to produce some very dynamic panels. Howard also manages to show the varying emotions perfectly, and alongside the wonderful layouts they’d give a smooth flow to the issue. Another thing that makes Howard’s art stand out is his marvellous colours, as not only do they suit the fun tone of the story, but they also give a vibrant finish to Howard’s already fabulous art.

Super Dinosaur never fails to please, with this action packed issue being both fun and exciting. This along with the brilliant dialogue and gripping cliffhanger make this a must read comic for SD fans both past and present. Highly recommended.

  • + Explosive action between the Dynamo family and the Dino-Men.
  • + Amazing cliffhanger ending.
  • + Stunning artwork from Jason Howard.
  • - Not digging SD’s new armour.

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