Star Wars: Rebel Heist #4 Review

While this mini-series has found its conclusion, the Rebellion rages on!

The official description from Dark Horse:

The Rebellion’s plan is coming together. All Luke Skywalker has to do is elude an Imperial spy—and perform some unanticipated rescues! But this farm boy is on the edge of greatness, and he is not about to stop saving the galaxy now!

* Matt Kindt writes the Leia, Han, and Luke from the classic era of Star Wars!

* Covers by Adam Hughes!

Star Wars Rebel Heist 4 Variant CoverIt cannot be understated, that the end of this mini-series also highlights the end of an era of Star Wars Comics at Dark Horse. On the letter page of this issue, the editor, Randy Stradley states as much, in his fond farewell to the franchise, as after all this time it finds a different home. And while I have not been on the Dark Horse Star Wars ride from the beginning, I am more than pleased to know that my favorite creator, Matt Kindt, had the opportunity to add to this twenty-plus year collection.

The culmination of this story, as well as every page from the beginning, proves Matt is a fan of the franchise. What he has added to the Star Wars timeline provides a unique perspective on the events, even more character depth, and an overall story alignment – all the while preserving the original fidelity of the saga.

I believe this “Kindt-ized” spy themed mini-series will be revered by hardcore and sideline Star Wars fans, alike.

Star Wars Rebel Heist 4 Preview 1

The art was consistent and wonderful throughout the series. From rancor pit gore, to blaster deflections, each member of the artistic creative team [(Pencils (Marco Castiello), Inks (Dan Parsons), and Colors (Gabe Eltaeb)] contributed their best work to ensure the action and adventure of the story shined through on each page.

Star Wars Rebel Heist 4 Preview 2And as you turn to the last page of this issue, it is obvious…

All the secrets. All the suspense. All the action. #AllPartOfThePlan.

Oh, and because I am incredibly biased, here are all the variant covers with art by Matt Kindt:

Star Wars Rebel Heist Variant Covers

Be sure to check out the collected series: Star Wars: Rebel Heist TPB (available October 08, 2014)

  • + A "Kindt-ized" spy themed Star Wars mini-series!
  • + Fantastic Art - Covers; Interiors; the action and adventure all comes together!
  • + All the secrets. All the suspense. All the action. #AllPartOfThePlan.
  • - The Dark Horse Star Wars era comes to an end...

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