Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3 Review

No Rebellion is complete without a Wookiee on a Rampage! Join in on the action, already in progress… 

The official description from Dark Horse:

Han Solo is in an Imperial jail, and a crime boss has the information that will free him. Enter Chewbacca, who pounds and pummels his way through the mission, accompanied by an untrusting ex-Imperial who can’t understand a word Chewie says. Not that words matter much to a Wookiee on a rampage!

* Covers by Adam Hughes and Matt Kindt!

Star Wars Rebel Heist 3 Cover B

If it wasn’t obvious, in this third issue, the focus on famous Star Wars character has shifted once again – this time to Chewbacca!


Easy for you to say.

The last issue’s mission crash lands right on to the pages of this one, as we get a closer look at intentions, objectives, and the continuing struggle of the Rebels vs. Imperials. As expected, Matt Kindt has handled the pacing of these four issues masterfully. And the continuation from the previous issue, callback to the first, really add to the already unfolding “team effort” of the over-arching mission. Not that it needed much help, we are talking about the four most famous rebels, after all…

Just like the first two issues, the story’s perspective is not that of the famous rebel, rather their accompanying rebel agent. In this case, an ex-Imperial stormtrooper with nothing but bad memories (and smells) of his stint on Kashyyyk. And as you would imagine, this certainly doesn’t slow our favorite Wookiee down, nor does he give care. Because for this mission, the trooper is simply a means to an end. An end that will soon unfold in the final issue of the mini-series!

Star Wars Rebel Heist 3 Preview 1Okay – On to the art…One of the things I love about a mini-series, besides the usually concise and entertaining story, is consistency in the creative team. For this mini, the fantastic art comes in the form of: Pencils (Marco Castiello), Inks (Dan Parsons), and Colors (Gabe Eltaeb). And just like the previous two issues, the art style, layout, design and panel structure fits the action and story perfectly. As illustrated here with these half-splash pages, RAWWARR! and AARRR!


Star Wars Rebel Heist 3 Preview 2And again, in the “final note” portion of my review, that feeling I have had all along starts showing through, everything appears to be: #AllPartOfThePlan

Next Issue – Taken by Force!

Star Wars Rebel Heist 4 Variant Cover

(Variant Cover for #4 by Matt Kindt!)

  • + Action Packed Wookiee Combat written by the amazing Matt Kindt!
  • + Fantastic Art - Chewbacca's fur has never looked better!
  • + A smart, behind the scenes, Star Wars mini-series full of action and adventure!
  • - Three down, one to go...

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