Star Wars: Rebel Heist #2 Review

Join the Rebellion! We do not discriminate on the basis of species, sex, gentry, or planet of origin! 

The official description from Dark Horse:

On a planet outside the Empire’s jurisdiction, Princess Leia goes undercover to obtain a vital code from an Imperial source. She’ll have to use disguises, gadgets, and her feminine wiles to succeed—and her only ally is another spy who is convinced the Princess is a liability in the field!

* Matt Kindt writes the classic characters!

* Covers by Adam Hughes and Matt Kindt!

Star Wars Rebel Heist 2 Cover BBack into the fray – on a new planet, with a new rebel, fighting the same good fight!

From the cover, we can see the focus has shifted from Han to Leia – and though the rebel contact has changed, the overarching mission is still the same. Granted, the goal of the larger mission is still a mystery to the reader, but knowing Matt Kindt everything is happening precisely for a reason. In fact, what better story for him to tell, than a series of SPY missions leveraging the most popular characters from one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time.

Seeing Matt’s take on the covert op side of life in galaxies far far away, make this casually informed Star Wars fan realize, these are the stories I have been looking for…

Star Wars Rebel Heist 2 Preview 2

Now, for the art…This issue offers up the same fantastic team of creators as the last. Pencils (Marco Castiello), Inks (Dan Parsons), and Colors (Gabe Eltaeb) make the story Matt has crafted come alive – just as if we were watching it on the big screen. The beauty and action of this part of the story is perfectly portrayed by this fine set of creators. And if you didn’t have a thing for Leia before, you just might at the close this issue.

Star Wars Rebel Heist 2 Preview 1

And a final note, I still have that same feeling – through its ups and downs – I still think it is: #AllPartOfThePlan

Next Issue — Come on and Fight!

Star Wars Rebel Heist 3 Cover B

(Variant Cover for #3 by Matt Kindt!)

  • + Classic Star Wars characters in new Matt Kindt stories!
  • + The art is electric - perfectly capturing the story's intent!
  • + One of the smartest Star Wars mini-series you will ever find!
  • - Two down, two to go...

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