Spider-Man 2099 #9 Review

Is this a good comic or is there web in your eye? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Miguel O’Hara returns to the year 2099 to discover that his future is now… imperfect!

Spider-Man 2099 9_Preview PageThere are some issues that come out during the life cycle of any title that reassure fanboys and fangirls that they’re right to keep a particular book on their pull-list. And that’s exactly the type of release I hold. Because after you read Amazing Spider-Man #15, you might think you know exactly where this story might be going, you could be right, but that doesn’t make the revelations any less fun.

The twists along the way made this outing so much more enjoyable then it need to be, hats off to Mr. Peter David. It’s only been nine issues since this journey began and the author has made sure that the life and times of this 2099 native have been interesting right from the start. The dialogue has been key to that success, and that fact remains true here as Miguel O’Hara is faced with a difficult situation. I don’t want to spoil anything except to say that the character’s reaction to the events at hand made me grin. And the seeds that have been planted in this first part will no doubt lead toward some quality results in the future.

Will Sliney has, yet again, impressed with some dynamic renditions that are truly worthy of any Spider-Man franchise. The backgrounds and characters are equally detailed in a well structured visual language that understands its limitations and pushes through them. And when the colors by Antonio Fabela enter the fray the whole of the display clicks together in a near perfect unison. Not all comics deserve to look this good but thankfully this is a worthy title to be sure.

Spider-Man 2099 #9 is, in a word, exciting! The creative team from the first page to the final panel orchestrates a book that’s bound to impress, so much so that it left me eagerly anticipating next month’s follow up. Here’s to waiting as this comes highly recommended.

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