Silver Surfer #5 Review

Does the latest outing of this entertaining volume sparkle and shine? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

The demon, Shuma Gorath, is ready to cast the Earth into Eternal Chaos! The problem is, if the Silver Surfer, the Hulk, and Dr. Strange CAN find a way to stop him… it’s Dawn Greenwood who will have to pay the price… with her life.

Silver Surfer 5_Preview PageThe latest issue in the continuing exploits of the former herald of Galactus finds his partnership in dire straits. And that right there is the springboard for what honestly feels like one of the most downright entertaining comics that I’ve had the pleasure to review for Unleash The Fanboy. So by all means embrace the Power Cosmic and get ready for some adventure with the Sorcerer Supreme and something indestructible.

Dan Slott pens a one and done arc that’s engaging from the first page to the final panel. Norrin Radd wants to leave Earth and head back to the stars, but he can’t. And when you add in the fact that a couple of his friends from the Defendors arrive at the doorstep of Dawn Greenwood then you can just tell that the something big is happening. I found myself amused by the written word, as the author had me laughing and smiling while his narrative followed a straight forward path.

Add in the illustrations by Michael Allred  and there’s just nothing to complain about. The visual component pops off the page in all the right ways as a consistent but minimal attention to detail renders characters both new and familiar. Add in the colors by Laura Allred and the entire package lives up to the promise of the out of this world hero it seeks to support. In short: enjoy the text but stay and stare at the pretty pictures.

Silver Surfer #5 is an exceptionally entertaining piece of fiction. It doesn’t push the boundaries of its storied protagonist but it does cement his personality. And so if you find yourself saying “Board to me” then you might need to pick this up. Recommended.

  • + Silver Surfer in action!
  • + We get some depth for Dawn.
  • + Has a sturdy script by Dan Slott.
  • - Some of the plot was a bit predictable...

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