Shutter #3 Review

Will Kate survive last issues explosive climax? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

SPECIAL ‘JOE KEATINGE’S BIRTHDAY’ ISSUE! It’s a day of celebration for our beloved writer, but a day of horrible consequence for Kate Kristopher! Major loss comes when the life Kate left behind sends an assassin with a gigantic bomb gun after her. ALL THIS PLUS: a triceratops.

Shutter03_Page5Shutter has been a series that has really grabbed my attention as though it’s yet to totally astound me it has done a good job of building it’s own world of strange and exotic creatures. This issue gives us a wonderful insight into the events leading up to last issues explosive cliffhanger showing that not all the assassins are sociopaths. There’s also other intriguing development with the issue teasing a reunion between father and daughter.

Joe Keatinge does a good job of giving us some background work as though the story itself doesn’t take a huge leap forward this look into the world around our main character certainly adds depth. I especially loved how Keatinge put a reluctant tone into the assassin from the opening sequence, showing that unfortunate circumstances have caused him to be in this position. Besides that the writer does a lot of teasing, showing a more mysterious assassin as well as Kate’s journey to her childhood home. He does however do this in such a way that is suspenseful and dramatic.

The artwork from Leila Del Duca was once again wonderful with her beautifully detailed art amazing me on every level. The exciting flow of her layouts along with varied characters was really eye-catching with even the deadliest of characters having an innocent look about them. I also loved how she handled Kate’s mood and body language as it was easy to tell that this was a woman who’d just came out of a hellish ordeal and was dreading the journey she’s on. We also got fantastic colours from Owen Gieni with his pallet doing a brilliant job of matching the different tones throughout.

Shutter continues to appeal but this particular issue fails to astound. Nevertheless it’s still a terrific read so be kind to Joe Keatinge on his birthday and pick up a copy of this issue. Recommended.

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