Samurai Jack #11 Review

Should fans continue to support this franchise?Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

After the Threads of Time failed to return Jack back to the past, he searches for a new way to return to his rightful era. But will Jack be willing to risk his magical blade in order to open a new portal to the past?

Samurai Jack 11_Preview PageSince the launch of this monthly series I’ve enjoyed it as an excuse to relieve fond memories from my youth. But with this issue the creative team has taken the opportunity to craft something that propels our hero toward an engaging path that places him in the cross-hairs with considerable vulnerability. In short: this was a really good comic that absolutely deserves a spot on your pull-list.

Genndy Tartakovsky created quite a few memorable cartoons in his day, but Samurai Jack was one character that really stood out for me. The icon balanced stylized action with a man out of time which is true today as Jim Zub writes this book in a way that honors that tradition. More so the scribe approaches the dialogue with an almost minimalist sense, as he crafts a quick read but one that knows exactly what its limitations are. And I have to say the final few pages offered plenty of narrative evolution to the point in which I closed this release and found myself excited to see what comes next.

The illustrations by Andy Suriano continue to catch my eye as a lavish display full of chaotic line-work gives this franchise a touch of the familiar and a dash of something more. It’s true that the original animation carried a highly stylized and clean look but through this talent we’re given a quick-sketch kind of feel that more than works for me. Add in the colors by Josh Burcham and I can honestly say that I dug the visuals found supporting this jaunt.

Samurai Jack #11 proves the vibrancy of this title even as the character it follows might have fallen into a rather predictable rut. In other words: this comic comes recommended.

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