RoboChuck #2

RoboChuck #2 Review

RoboChuck #2

Is RoboChuck the kind of independent series you should try or is it one to put in the miss pile? Read on to find out.

The official description from TurtleBunny Productions:

In the World of Entertainment, cartoons are real.

In the second issue, continue the journey with all of your favorite characters…as well as some new ones…and root for the would-be-hero you can’t help but love!

RoboChuck #2 Preview 1RobotChuck is a story about change, showing how the present has taken over from the past. The series uses the media of cartoons to do this in with the old toons (Flats) finding it hard to live in a world where CGs have become dominant. The story however twists and turns throughout with it teasing a dark secret behind the CGs and their creator.

RoboChuck is the brain child of Chris Callahan who produces both script and art on this series. Over these first couple of issues Callahan has done a tremendous job of introducing us to the world of Flats and CGs as well as develop a tale of mystery. The suspense and charm that he’s build has been really captivating with these contrasting tones giving diversity to the story. I’ve also loved the way that Callahan has shown the demise of the Flats and how the CGs rise to power may have a dark background.

The art that Callahan produces on this series is also spectacular with the way he differentiates between Flats and CGs being really impressive. The initial impression left me with a jarring experience but next to his fabulous script it gives the kind of polarity that the story needs. The overall detail and vivid colours are also something to marvel over with their charming tone bringing a lively feel to the issue. On top of that the colours also at times give a dark and foreboding tone that works perfectly with the mysterious nature of certain developments.

RoboCuck is a fun and entertaining caper with a seriously intriguing background story. Highly recommended.

  • + Chris Callahan has created a fun yet intriguing series.
  • + RoboChuck is a charming and likeable character.
  • + Mysterious and dark overtones bring diversity to the story.
  • + Left me eager to read more!

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