The Revenge #2 Review

What will happen when the Revenger is unleashed? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Griffin Frank is pissed. A doctor outside of Mexico City has removed his face and fingerprints and grafted them onto the young lover of his porn-star wife. Mad with pain, Griffin begins to believe he is The Revenger. And someone’s going to pay.

Revenge02-Review-pg5The Revenge is probably the most adult themed series that I’ve ever read. Now this may put some people off the series, but if you look past the nudity you’ll find an awesome story that has a brilliant Grindhouse feel to it. The way that it’s questionable who’s really in the right makes this an ingenious story that lets our own moral compass judge who’s in the right (to be honest no one’s a Saint).

Jonathan Ross improves on the opening issue, fleshing out this gritty, dark story. The way that he flows from intense dialogue to explosive action shows that he’s a sophisticated writer and that although he may come across a bit silly on TV he’s most definitely a talented writer. Ross also develops the characters and the Revenger’s mythos brilliantly in this issue with the warped nature of this new personality giving a weird twist to this tale. There’s also the odd bit of humour to what otherwise is a gripping second issue, and along with the suspenseful tone this is a thrilling tale that I’m glad to have read.

Ian Churchill once again produces some of the best artwork I’ve seen from a Jonathan Ross story, with his sexy, cool tone being perfect for this story of love, betrayal and revenge. The most impressive thing about his art has to be his impactul layouts which make this gritty story even more explicit. Add to this the intensity in the facial expressions and the explosive action sequences and you have art that makes reading and understanding this story very easy. If this wasn’t enough Churchill also gives a sleek finish to his art with crisp inks and gritty colours.

The Revenge has jumped massively in my opinion, with the creative team taking a questionable adult themed tale and giving some resolve and purpose to it. Highly recommended.

  • + Jonathan Ross' dramatic script's a joy to read.
  • + Giffin is most definitely out for Revenge!
  • + Beautiful art from Ian Churchill.
  • + Explosive action that will make your jaw drop.

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