Revelations #4 Review

Is there enough narrative meat to this thriller to honestly warrant a purchase? Read on to find out.

The official description from Boom!:

Things are finally coming together for Detective Charlie Northern. With the aid of Vatican Lawyer Lucille Pellicci, Northern’s investigation has picked up the pace and the answers are coming together. Little does Northern know that the closer he gets to the truth, the more desperate others will be to keep their secrets buried.

Revelations 4_Preview PageThe mystery deepens as the creative team continues to orchestrate this sordid little play. We’ve gone from murder to a massive conspiracy that seems to span the centuries with some deep religious roots. It’s all happening on spiritual grounds, as our intrepid investigator continues to poke and proud an ancient order. In short: there’s action, suspense and plenty of bits to keep an audience engaged.

The script turned in by Paul Jenkins carries his innate skill as a barrage of personality and verbiage highlight the danger our protagonist continues to face while in Rome. Detective Charlie Northern is a man that believes in fact not faith, as he continues to hunt for answers surrounding the murder / suicide of William Richleau. Obstacles get in his way, as we saw from last month’s cliffhanger, but he’s still hellbent on solving this and with the apparent help of Lucille he may have uncovered some pertinent information. The bulk of the writing is good, minus some bits that seemed dragged down by an overly talkative lead.

The illustrations done by Humberto Ramos can be oddly beautiful, as the quirky sensibilities of this long time collaborator come to the fore in a dynamic display. Each characters is imbued with a unique personality, and that comes through even in the more populated panels. The renditions work quite well but when they’re combined with the colors done by Leonardo Olea and Edgar Delgado we’re left with an inviting visual component that uplifts the words on the page.

Revelations #4 does indeed offer us some answers to its plot as the outstanding questions continue to compel the attention of fanboys and fangirls. Recommended.

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