Red Sonja and Cub (one-shot) Review

Do fans really need to pick up this tale? Or is this something they should skip altogether? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Blood will rain down upon the snowy ground as the She-Devil With A Sword battles her way across the Asiatic lands of Khitai. In a land of complex family loyalties and death before dishonor, will sharpened steel and the muscle to wield it be enough? Find out in this manga style inspired tale by Jim Zub (SAMURAI JACK).

Layout 1The whole of this comic was a bit misleading. The cover and title gave the impression that we were going to have our scarlet haired fighter take on a harsh winter with a fury buddy by her side, but that’s not the case at all. Instead we’re taken on a journey with the union of two warring families caught in the balance.

The she-devil with a sword has always been a character worth following, and in a script prepared by Jim Zub that fact is allowed to ebb and flow. He gives his audience a simple body of text that never overextends the key components of Red Sonja. The overall journey is the star of the piece as the scribe takes on the ideas of a promised union, betrayal and a sense of honor. We see a glimpse at Khitai tradition, and it’s really a refreshing view of the world that might just warrant some more exploration.

The illustrations done by Jonathan Lau are detailed but simple. It’s the spirit caught in the panel designs that further sells the literary progression, as the talent effortlessly brings life to this complicated narrative. The action is where this romp thrives and the renditions found are expertly realized. Add in the dynamic colors done by Stefani Renee and it becomes clear that this is a visual team that complements and needs to keep working together.

Red Sonja and Cub (one-shot) may not be what I necessarily expected but I found it to be a solid jaunt. The creative forces behind it do a marvelous job earning a recommendation.

  • + The pace of this piece is strikingly quick.
  • + A comic that explores Khitai culture, 'nuff said!
  • + Jonathan Lau offers up some stylized panels!
  • - I wish this was a mini-series...

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