Will Bryan Hitch prove to be as good at writing as he is at drawing? Read on to find out.

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They are the six most famous actors in the world and together they play The Olympians, the biggest superhero movie franchise in history. Would you ask them to save the world? They may be our only hope…

RealHeroes01-Review-pg3There are plenty superhero comics out there, with the genre remaining the most prolific in comics. With Real Heroes we get a twist to this genre as the heroes in this story start out as actors from a film. The story also uses the title literally from time to time with the characters referencing the real heroes of the world that do good despite having no powers.

Bryan Hitch proves that he is more than just a phenomenal artist, creating a wonderful script that’s very deep and sophisticated. The characters that he’s created are extremely interesting, as though the film characters they play may not be very original (it’s obvious where he got his inspiration from) the actors themselves had a very spontaneous and realistic vibe. The action that Hitch produced was also out of this world, as though it’s expected from him as an artist he proved that he could entwine this with brilliant dialogue as well.

Something that I was never in doubt over was that the art on this series would be amazing, and low and behold Hitch proves me right. As usual he gives punchy, explosive art that’s simply awe-inspiring. The outstanding details and fantastic layouts make this a story that’s both smooth and sleek, with the exciting action being very Hitchesqe. In saying all this I do have the question of whether Hitch can maintain this quality throughout the series without the shipping dates being months apart, as anyone who knows his work will know that you have to be very patient whilst collecting it, and though this usually proves worthwhile it does take a bit of spark out of the series’.

Real Heroes is the kind of superhero story that fans need, taking the popular genre and creating something unique with it. If this wasn’t enough we also have beautiful art from Bryan Hitch that isn’t to be missed. Highly recommended.

  • + Breathtaking art that Bryan Hitch is known for.
  • + Definitely doesn't lack in excitement.
  • + Sophisticated script that has everything from humour to suspense.
  • - The Olympians could have been a bit more original.

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