The Punisher #9 Review

Can Punisher tell Friend from Foe? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

FRIEND FROM FOE CROSSOVER In the middle of the Pacific, THE PUNISHER finds himself fighting alongside–or against?–BLACK WIDOW for access to a deadly criminal network. But the clock is ticking. Will Frank and Natasha be able to complete their mission before they are taken down by their enemies…or each other? See the rest of the story in BLACK WIDOW #9!

PUN2014009-int-LR2-2-9de08Two of Marvel’s most creative series get a crossover as Punisher and Black Widow’s paths collide. Having both been magnificent series so far I was ecstatic to hear off this crossover, being curious to see how their respective tales would crossover. Very well as it turns out, as though the format in which the tale is told is questionable, the tie-in itself does wonders for both series.

Nathan Edmondson as ever does a terrific job of the script, and considering he also writes Black Widow beautifully, this crossover was naturally going to be captivating. One thing I did question however was the way Edmondson handled the crossover, telling one story from two perspectives. I personally feel the story would’ve been better told over two issues, instead of the same story twice. On the other hand this does allow for a more in depth experience, giving readers of both an essential feel, whilst also making it friendly for readers of one or the other. Despite this however I did feel the epilogue did escalate Punisher’s event rather quickly.

Mitch Gerads returns as artist for this series, and I have to say it was gladly received. Taking nothing away from Carmen Carnero who filled in as artist for the last two issues, Gerads just gives the raw grit and intensity that Punisher needs. Having two powerful characters in the same space, you need to capture both personalities, whilst also building the setting. This is something Gerads does wonderfully, as though Phil Noto gives a more stunning look to Widow, Gerads manages to deliver something that fits with the tempo of this series.

Friend from Foe has proven to be a great crossover, as though I do question the choice of format, looking forward to returning to both characters personal stories, it was nice to see them working together. Recommended.

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