Peter Panzerfaust #21 Review

Another arc gets going, but should this World War II interpretation of Peter Pan continue? Read on to find out.

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From the memories of Claude, the only living twin, the story continues. Together at last, Peter, the Darlings, and the remaining Lost Boys embed themselves in the dangerous heart of Paris. With the Hook hot on their heels, it is only a matter of time before they are discovered. But Peter has a plan.

Peter Panzerfaust 21_Variant CoverThe number one element that struck a cord with me was the simple premise, as the audience is now treated to the rest of our group’s perspective in Nazi occupied France. Within that set-up the creative team effortlessly builds a sturdy continuation with a well-deserved twist right before the release comes to its cliffhanger finish.

Kurtis J. Wiebe pens the script and once again demonstrates remarkable control. That’s the key thing when charting the course for these Lost Boys and their Peter Panzerfaust, as the scribe expands the scope of their tale while reminding his audience of the fighters that have been laying in wait. The war is not over, but there are some considerable personal developments that are bound to have lasting ramifications for the entire cast. I did find the pacing to be a bit slow, but for the most part this never hindered the progression of the plot.

The visuals by Tyler Jenkins once again carried an air of authenticity in this unique playing field. The talent crafts a believable interpretation of these fairy tale characters, without sacrificing the real world truths of this hard and harsh time. In that context there’s just no one else who could accomplish what he does while the colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick successfully round out a pleasing package. In other words: the pictures are engaging for any fan.

Peter Panzerfaust #21 can be slow moving but for the most part the creative team successfully charts an intriguing outing for their franchise. From beginning to end the emotional weight therein legitimizes everything as this one heads ever onward. Recommended.

  • + Has a sturdy start.
  • + Consistently engaging visuals.
  • + Peter Pan and his Lost Boys together again.
  • - Wanted the narrative to have a little bit more speed...

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