Peter Panzerfaust #20 Review

Is this re-imagined fairy tale set in World War II still worth your attention? Read on to find out.

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“THE HUNT,” Part Five

When revenge is at the tip of a finger…a finger on a trigger, there’s only one thing that stands in Lily’s way. The fate of the entire French Resistance lies in Lily’s hand and one bullet could change history.

Peter Panzerfaust 20_Preview PageIt’s hard not to close any issue from this particular franchise and not feel a sense of wonderment. Between the talents of its dedicated creators, who continue to be collaborators, there’s no doubt that this series has certainly grown into its own. And yes, it still keeps the spirit of its source material alive even in the midst of some adult subject matter.

Kurtis Wiebe pens a text that never relies on the nature of its inspiration, instead the author looks toward something that feels abundantly more real. On one hand we can focus in on the fact that our heroes our pinned down in a difficult situation or look upon Tiger Lily as she faces a tough decision. But on top of all that the author crafts a narration that happens to cement its own weight in key moments that drive the meaning behind it. In short: there’s just a lot of substance at play in a release that ebbs and flows with an rather quick pace.

As ever the illustrative works of Tyler Jenkins are quirky but sensible. There’s just something about these minimal and unique pencil strokes that easily evoke the lore of Pan, without overburdening the eye with forced reminders of what we’re experiencing. Add in the colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick and the final visual product is absolutely the level it needs to be in a comic book that demands something more form this potent side of its monthly equation.

Peter Panzerfaust #20 is the end of an important chapter in the lives of these fighters. It carries itself well from beginning to end as the creative forces at its back make sure to deliver everything they need to. Recommended.

  • + Absolutely stellar visuals.
  • + Offers a narrative with substance.
  • + Peter Pan in World War II... 'nuff said.
  • - I wanted more from its ultimate conclusion...

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