Pariah #5 Review


Pariah_5Pariah #5 is a slow-rolling issue, but it all builds up as part of the tension and atmosphere the series is known for – if you’re a fan of decent hard sci-fi, this may be the title for you.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Lila captains the Vitros’ ongoing struggle for survival in orbit, while a young, homesick Vitro, Shelley, daydreams of returning to Earth.

While some people may not be surprised by Pariah #5‘s surprise twist, its nonetheless a great read from start to finish. The obvious set-up from the start can be forgiven for a story that is rich in character and, despite not featuring anyone on earth, is still charged with the political dynamic expressed throughout the series. Most titles would struggle with such a confined setting, but Pariah is very much about the reading, not the looking-at-pictures part, with Pariah #5 serving as a near perfect example.

In terms of writing, Aaron Warner and Philip Gelatt offer a great script that relies heavily on dialogue. This might puts some readers off but those who stick with it will find it very rewarding. There are enough characters here to keep things fresh, but not so much to invite confusion or disorientation. What it lacks in diversity, it makes up for in rich story telling.

Visually, Brett Weldele continues to offer beautiful artwork. While his pencils are very sketchy and loose, this use of color is fantastic. Weldele finds ways to tease in new colors, as well as soft lighting and hues, to create the enclosed setting of Pariah. Considering we rarely see outside of the satellite, it’s great to see an art style that ensures a diverse palette at all times.

All in all, I’m very happy with this issue. While it’s not the most exciting in terms of action, that’s never been Pariah‘s style and this issue very much proves that it’s not needed.

  • + A tense issue that really moves the plot along
  • + Sticks to some hard science ideas
  • - Not much variety
  • - Not for people looking for action

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