Nova #22 Review

Does this issue blast off to new heights? Or is it lackluster? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• It’s Halloween and Nova goes to Westchester to join the students of the Jean Grey School for trick-or-treating!

• With Beast chaperoning, what sort of trouble can the kids get into? LOTS!

Nova 22_CI’m not going to lie, when it comes to Original Sin I left that event with mixed feelings about all the various cogs, but I never doubted the worth of its #0 issue. It stuck with me. From that narrative landscape the creative team got another layer to play with, as they continue to to push our protagonist while pulling at the heart-strings of our Human Rocket.

Gerry Duggan pens the script and there’s no doubt that this author understands the nuances of Sam Alexander. From a simple but poignant introduction to a fitting cliffhanger, there’s plenty of meaty material. The scribe must know that this outing feels like a random excuse to go trick or treating but never doubt his written word, because he quickly leads his players in an unexpected mission. Through dialogue that hits right to the core we, as an audience, witnessed growth. So much so that I found myself enthralled in what could be described as a simple outing with a body of text armed with fun.

It’s clear that Federico Santagati carries the responsibility of visualizing a boy that misses his father and a hero that mourns his friend on the moon. With John Timms available for an assist the art at play does what it needs to do but the pictures never impressed me. There’s intent in their pencil strokes as personality ebbs and flows, but I wanted a bit more from this package. Thankfully we still have the dazzling colors delivered by David Curiel to round out the final display.

Nova #22 is a comic that’s fun to read. Add in the fact that the narrative progression makes use of its own underlying heart then there’s no doubt that before we go get candy this earns a pick up. Recommended.

  • + Solid progression.
  • + Nova on Halloween.
  • + Had consistent dialogue.
  • - Not all of the visuals worked...

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