All New Soulfire #6 Review

Is there any worth left in this fantastical comic book? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

PJ and Alori continue to compete in the death-defying battle royale that is Pandemonium, but while most competitors seek the top prize of winning, someone has a more sinister agenda – revenge against PJ’s mentor and ally, Benoist. The technological mastermind Abel finally returns to the pages of Soulfire—and death and destruction are sure to follow!

All New Soulfire 6_Variant CoverIn the same vain as the most recent volume of Fathom we’re given a tale that pushes familiar material in a slightly different direction. Even as the cogs of change ramp up, the forces behind this know how to execute their plans without sacrificing the already built in history. In other words the creative team attempts to spin a yarn that knows what it was while becoming what it can yet be.

Frank Mastromauro works with script writer J.T. Krul to pen this outing, and there’s no doubt that the text for “Character Flaws” flows perfectly with the mood of All New Soulfire. And within these confines the machinations of this author births a rational discussion about faith in the presence of stark doubt. Malikai faces himself and the worth of false hope in a situation that he concludes. It’s a human moment that leaves a group of followers in the light of cold hard truth and that right there gives enough quality for this piece to stand out.

There’s another plot at play where the illustrator earns the opportunity to really strut his stuff. It’s the inherent strength of V. Ken Marion as magical blows cement narrative realities while allowing a slightly shocking betrayal. And when you add in the colors by Erick Arciniega the entire display comes to life with a vibrancy that’s just reminiscent of the works of Michael Turner. In short: I have no complaints.

All New Soulfire #6 is another excellent issue for a franchise that has survived numerous volumes. It remains a worthwhile property as it does enough of the right things in order to earn a recommendation from me.

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