New 52: Futures End #8 Review

Do we care about a New 52 that’s reeling from a war with another Earth? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

Welcome to Cadmus Island, Grifter! We hope your visit is – survivable! Plus: Who is the strange being from the temple in southeast Asia – and why should John Constantine find him of great interest?

New 52-Futures End 8_Preview PageAll right my fellow fanboys and fangirls I have some good and bad news regarding the latest edition of this weekly series. As a whole, the narrative does indeed inch forward but the expansive cast bogs it down. What that means is we’re given a good deal of information, a few moments of clarity and one solid joke before the book arrives at its cliffhanger. In short: it’s flawed but still carries some worth.

Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen craft yet another entry that might manage to please the hardcore members of their audience. From the continuing mystery plaguing Lois Lane to the shores of Cadmus Island there’s plenty of material to absorb. But the comic spends most of its time jumping from scene to scene with light progression via sequences that are just too short. Even so the bulk of the work offered up a handful of developments that will keep this title in play until it reaches whatever end these creators have in mind.

The illustrations handed in by Scott Eaton fit within the confines of the established look of the future New 52. The talent handles the varied players with ease but the panel designs were a tad bit too bland. That said Hi-Fi once again helped build the world by offering a wide spread of vibrant colors that made the comic pop. So much so that even if the end product didn’t engage as much as I wanted it to it still wound up being only slightly underwhelming.

New 52: Futures End #8 offered intrigue, especially with the mystery surrounding a masked Superman, but it did fall into a few narrative pitfalls. In other words it had flaws but not enough to wholly ruin it. Recommended.

  • + Offers up a few solid moments.
  • + Carries a rather interesting addition.
  • - Needed more narrative progression.
  • - The visuals came off as rushed...

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