New 52: Futures End #5 Review

Are these the dark days for the New 52 or comic fans in general? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

Mr. Terrific unveils his latest technical achievement – but will it take over the DC Universe? Plus, Firestorm’s inner conflict explodes!

New 52-Futures End 5_Preview PageFollowing the high points of last week’s outing we find the series in slightly weaker straits. The whole of the narrative feels like a seemingly jumbled mess that’s barely clinging to its form while embracing an ever expanded cast and forward trajectory. There are some good moments to be sure and a few redeeming factors but after the experience from #4 I’m left a little lukewarm with this one.

Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen work together to make this outing a reality that tries to show its worth. But by largely ignoring established players and simply amassing an impressive array of various personalities the momentum came down. Leaving the series in a destructive direction that feels a little lost. I wanted to know more about the circumstances involving Grifter while roiling my eyes as Mr. Terrific basked in his own egotistical glory. On top of that I was disappointed by the lack of Lois Lane and Red Robin. Add in a few quick but unnecessary teases for additions and the whole thing seemed off its track.

The art handed in by Jesus Merino is solid enough to carry the narrative but there were a few panels where a lack of consistency yielded some questionable renditions. Even so the talent hit the right cord when he needed to, especially when it came to impact scenes featuring the duo that makes up the furious Firestorm. Beyond the pencil strokes the folks over at Hi-Fi continue to be loyal to the franchise as they easily breath colorful life to the latest iteration of these storied superheroes.

New 52: Futures End #5 is a mediocre entry that, for me, diminishes some of the good built up so far. It’s not a killer but it did leave me underwhelmed as this comic comes lightly recommended for only the hardcore followers.

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