Never Ending #2 Review

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What is life like when you’re a superhero that watches all their loved ones grow old and die whilst you live forever? Read on to find out in this Never Ending #2 Review.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Evil genius Archibald Crane’s goal has been to kill the seemingly immortal hero Charles “Chuck” Baxter—and now, shockingly, it’s Chuck’s goal, too! Earth’s only superhero makes a devastating deal with the devil, as the past comes into focus and Chuck’s losses become too much for him to cope with!

never ending 2 reviewImmortality isn’t a new topic, and although we don’t see it as blatantly in comics as this issue shows it, it is also not a new subject for comics.  Never Ending has a new take on this classic “immortal/hero” trope.

Adam P. Knave and D. J. Kirkbride did a great job with this issue as although it wasn’t as intense or exciting as most comics, it was a brilliant stand alone issue, showing just what the life of a immortal superhero is like. I especially loved the emotion that Knave and Kirkbride added to this issue, and how it affected the tone of the issue as a whole. Knave and Kirkbride would also do a brilliant job with the transitions in this issue, as with it having many different time periods it could have easily have been a bit muddled and confusing, whereas they managed to make it flow smoothly, with the transitions helping the story.

I was however not a fan of Robert Love’s artwork, as although it was far from terrible the style just doesn’t appeal to me much. The detail throughout would also be rather inconsistent as well, as although there were some amazing sequences, there were also some that felt a bit awkward with some imperfections feeling unnecessary. The layout of Love’s art was however outstanding and would help add a lot of suspense and excitement to the issue, also helping it to flow smoothly. On top of that Love also did a great job of giving us some explosive action sequences, and would show some brilliant character emotion.

Overall this was a terrific stand alone issue having a brilliant subject matter and a lot of emotion and I’d highly recommend it.



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