Nailbiter #4 Review

Will the knife wielding, ghost like figure succeed in taking out Finch and Crane? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

WHAT IS THE “SERIAL KILLER GRAVEYARD?” And are there more than just bodies buried there? Finch and Sheriff Crane must literally dig to find the answers!

Nailbiter04_Page4Have you ever found that one series that you can’t get enough off? That one series that exceeds expectations, to become your current favourite? Well that’s what I’ve done with Nailbiter, as though I always expected it to be great, I never expected it to be quite as phenomenal as it has been. Continuing to amaze, this issue sees Finch and Crane digging out the grave of The Book Burner, only to get attacked by the mysterious ghost like figure.

Joshua Williamson yet again proves to be a master of suspense and drama, as though this issue didn’t thrill me to the same level as the last, it still managed to have me gripped to every page. The way he continues to build character definition also shines through, with Finch, Crane and Edward becoming more likeable characters with each passing issue. Another thing I’ve loved about Williamson’s writing has been the introduction to a new butcher in each issue, giving a wider look into this unfortunate town.

Mike Henderson has astounded me with his art throughout this series, capturing the suspense and tempo of Williamson’s script perfectly at each corner. His striking illustrations, and energetic layouts also allows the reader to easily get immersed into this tale, making for a much more intense experience. Alongside this we yet again get stunning colours from Adam Guzowski, with his soft, yet bold palette giving a punchy finish to Henderson’s pencils and inks.

Nailbiter continues to be a must read series, being the Image series to get. Having suspense, action, and intensity, it gives the perfect combination of mystery and horror. Highly recommended.

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