Mind MGMT #26 Review

All roads actually lead here. To this issue of Mind MGMT. To the secret origin of the agency that has shaped the world for decades.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Lyme, Dusty, Bill, and Perrier are all dead or missing. Alone in a world of rogue mind managers, Meru sets out in search of the first Immortal . . . rumored to still be alive somewhere in South America!

* New York Times bestseller!

“It will blow your mind.” -Unleash the Fanboy

“There is simply nothing quite like MIND MGMT. And there probably never will be.” -Comic Bastards

Mind MGMT 26 CoverRE: this official description – Two things…First, while I do not often quote quotes from other sites, this one from Comic Bastards is dead on. My sentiments exactly. Second, it mentions “South America” – while this is the rumored birthplace of the first Immortal, Meru actually finds him elsewhere – in Greece. And why is that?

Because Matt Kindt has an amazing way of incorporating the real world into his stories. In this instance, his recent “summer research-cationto Greece heavily influenced the environmental aspects of this and subsequent issues – right down to Meru’s guide

So, once again, Matt pulled from the world around him to enrich the already infallible story. This is just one of the many reasons Mind MGMT is #1 on my list of monthly reads.

But what of this new character he introduced? This “first Immortal”…?

The first 6 pages of the issue (also available from this issue’s preview on darkhorse.com) are silently devoted to his supposed “day to day activities”. From which we come to realize, he is certainly a very interesting fellow…

Mind MGMT 26 Preview 6

But what will Meru learn from him?

Instructed last issue to seek him out for “advanced training”, Meru actually finds herself in the midst of someone that has been influencing her…well, forever.

The entire premise for this issue is amazing…

Not only are we (Meru included) introduced to a fantastically complex new character; we uncover new meaning in the “MIND MGMT Field Guide” messages printed up the left-hand side of most pages throughout the series. And as we unravel the hidden message in this revelation, the fourth wall comes crashing down around us, like all too many ancient ruins…

This is storytelling at its finest.

  • + New Character! First Appearance! Collector's Item Issue!
  • + Matt Kindt pulls from the world around him to enrich the infallible.
  • + 26 issues in, and we are still presented with amazing groundbreaking secrets.
  • + I love this book so much, guys. Seriously.

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