Mind MGMT #25 Review

Mind MGMT Year Three has begun! And as this epic story continues, Meru must gear up for the fight of her life…

The official description from Dark Horse:

After nearly losing her mind at the hands of the Eraser, Meru begins her final journey to the heart of Mind Management!

* The beginning of the end!

* Includes a special recap story for new readers!

“It will blow your mind.” —Unleash the Fanboy

Mind MGMT 25 CoverThis issue marks the beginning of the 5th Volume in the Mind MGMT series: The Eraser. And as tradition would hold, we get a 20-panel recap of the previous (4) volumes…Sound crazy? Really, it is not.

Matt Kindt is a master storyteller, and in just this 20-panel page, he invites Mind MGMT veterans to review a quick recap of the series to date, while introducing new readers to the story’s highlights (and low-lights). And sadly in the recap, there are quite a few low-lights…

Now, I will not get caught up in the plot-specific somber details. I am not here to spoil anything. Like all other months, I am here to praise the amazing work of art that is Mind MGMT. And speaking of works of art – How about that cover? As is explained on the letters page by The Editor, Brendan, the cover for this issue was…

“…a coproduction between Matt and his wife Sharlene , a kickass artist in her own right who previously contributed to the series as the colorist of the Mind MGMT short in Dark Horse Presents #31.”

Sound familiar?

Well if you recall, in my ECCC 2014 interview, EXCLUSIVE! Talking Mind MGMT with Matt Kindt!, Matt and I discussed this very cover, and Sharlene’s pivotal role in its creation.

Making of Mind MGMT 25 Cover Preview

What an awesome coproduction, indeed! And from the sounds (and looks) of it, there is only more awesome cover concepts to come!

Now to this issue’s story. It, like Meru, marches on…

Mind MGMT 25 Preview 1

And we march along with her.

Mind MGMT 25 Preview 2

As she narrowly escaped the Eraser and her super-skilled henchmen…

You may recall from Issue 23, some of that escape was blacked out, with a promise to later back-fill the information in a subsequent issue. This is that issue, and the following page contains all that information – what a fantastic way to represent all that action!

Mind MGMT 25 Preview 3

With that, I will stop “spoiling” the story with the published preview pages from www.darkhorse.com, and instead show you a bit more awesome, the kind that can only come from the beautiful mind of Matt Kindt:

Mind MGMT Back Covers

What you see here is the culmination of 7 months worth of issues: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 25 (24 was an amazing wraparound cover in its own right, and not part of this collage). Matt has always found a way to offer “extras” for the monthly reader. This Mind MGMT 6-Part Back Cover Collage Masterpiece really pushes the envelope when it comes to “extras”, and with an included “variant”, proves that the reader’s expectations will always be exceeded.

So, much congratulations are in order – to both Matt and Sharlene – for a beautiful cover, an amazing story, and an unbelievable amount of “extras”.

Get ready, the potential in the remaining year’s worth of issues is seemingly unlimited – and one thing is for sure – it is going to be one hell of a ride!

  • + Mind MGMT provides the best value per page, in comics today.
  • + Every page is a work of art - literally - watercolor paintings.
  • + A 20-panel recap of the first 4 volumes is available for new readers!
  • + The back cover of this issue completes the 6-part Collage Masterpiece!

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