Mind MGMT #24 Review

For two years now, Mind MGMT has managed to influence the minds of countless individuals; the depths of which may never be known!

The official description from Dark Horse:

MIND MGMT concludes its second year in this crucial one-shot revealing “The Life and Times of Henry Lyme,” with a shocking twist that sets up the final two arcs!

* This issue is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

* “Matt Kindt is a storyteller so fully in control of his gifts that his graphic novels read like quietly compelling arguments for the comics medium’s narrative potential.”—NPR

* “There’s espionage and conspiracy for the thriller seekers, and mind control, loquacious dolphins and reality corkscrewing like taffy for fans of Lost, Fringe, and The Prisoner.”—New York Times

When NPR and the New York Times give you this kind of endorsement, you have arrived!

Here is the FULL COVER:

Mind MGMT 24 Cover

I couldn’t just leave the review hanging with the standard partial (front) cover…

It is well known that Matt Kindt takes every advantage of the media he works with – this issue, like many previous, proves that fact. And Dark Horse proves it is an amazing publisher, allowing him to work his magic, as he sees fit. Creator-Owned has never been so true. For reference, here is an accompanying tweet from Matt:

MIND MGMT 24! @darkhorse comics proves it’s the best publisher by letting me do a cover w/ NO logos!

Mind MGMT 24 Preview 1

And yes, the first line of the review was taken directly from my tweet to Matt; but it is perfect for this issue.

And to clear the air, as I assume everyone is wondering (haha)… No. I did not win this auction.

Believe me, I wanted to. I tried. Heck, I had wanted this cover since the first time that Matt live-tweeted its creation 5 months ago. Instead it went for the high bid of US $5,360.00! Which is amazing! I am so happy and proud that Matt’s FANTASTIC WORK fetched such an amazing price!

In true amazing human being fashion, Matt tweeted the following:

Thanks to all that bid on the MIND MGMT issue 24 cover. Super generous…going to give a chunk of it to the @heroinitiative – thank you!

Mind MGMT 24 Preview 2

I cannot find a new way to express how amazing this series is. I have forgone nearly all other comics for Mind MGMT. For me, nothing else comes close. This issue is another in a long line of amazing, that somehow continues to improve upon itself.

It is obvious, I appreciate greatness when I see it. For this reason, I want to give BIG KUDOS to Drew Bradley for this amazing detailed review of Mind MGMT 24. As much as I love this story, I love that other people love it as much as I do (if that wasn’t already proved by the high bid above).

So, truthfully, this review is more of a gushing account of this issue’s existence in the world. My life is better because I am entranced monthly by this book.

And while I do not fully agree that this is a “perfect jumping-on point for new readers”, I cannot deny the fact that new readers should start reading Mind MGMT. Start here, start at #1, pick up the Hardcovers, track down the individual issues – whatever you do, START. Now.

That said, if you have been reading from the beginning, this issue is an amazing treat.

Gaps are filled, plots are solidified, questions are answered, and a story of unconditional love emerges from the ashes of incredible loss.

  • + Hands down, Matt delivers the best story I have ever read.
  • + I love this art. Watercolor + Comics = Winning.
  • + My life is better because I am entranced monthly by this book.
  • - Only one more year of Mind MGMT!

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