Mind MGMT #23 Review

Brace yourselves. This one has all the feels.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Meru, Lyme, and company make a final, desperate attempt to recruit the Magician, but after they receive a devastating blow from the Eraser, all may be lost! Will the Management be reborn?!

* New York Times bestseller!

* The staggering conclusion to “The Magician”!

Mind MGMT 23 Preview 3Some issues need a soundtrack – this is one of them.

I happen to be reading Mind MGMT #23 with a movie on in the background. While I wasn’t paying attention to the movie, I did happen to hear a very nice song come on, during what I could only assume to be a more dramatic part of the film. As luck would have it, “Digging Shelters” by Neil Halstead, was perfect for the tone and mood of the story within this issue.

Now, I am not saying that this song and the rest of the “Palindrome Hunches” album is THE soundtrack for Mind MGMT #23, but it worked wonders for me. As I mentioned, this issue has all the feels. If you have been following the story and its characters at all, this issue will move you.

As always, Matt Kindt brings more to monthly comics than any other creator, or creative team. Not only does he script and paint each page, he adds oh so many “extras”. This issue is no exception.

The “Second Floor” one-pager offers a riddle; the sideline text offers a look back at Dusty’s career; the main stories touch on some of the most dramatic experiences we have seen in the story to this point; and the Mind Memo, like it always does, links back to the story in a meaningful way. This particular Mind Memo also comes with special instructions involving the actual folding of the page. And while not many readers will mar the book, this page alone offers more than the standard 2-dimensions we are used to as comic readers.

All this, and we still get the deeply sentimental contents of the issue itself.

And yes, I keep underscoring this point…

Feels. So. Many. Feels.

Oh, and if you are wondering what those black panels during the fight sequences represent, I have it on good authority that the memory gaps will be cleared up in a subsequent issue…

So sit back, listen to something sentimental, and brace yourself for the dramatic end of the third volume of Mind MGMT, “The Magician”.

  • + If you aren't hypnotized by Matt Kindt comics, you're doing it wrong.
  • + Watercolor art defines beauty in comics.
  • + I've lost count on how many linked and concurrent stories are being told...
  • - I wasn't prepared for the emotion this issue provoked.

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