Mind MGMT #22 Review

Objects in the mirror are not what they appear.

The official description from Dark Horse:

With the team spread out around the world on the hunt for the Magician, each member faces a deadly trial—and one doesn’t return!

* Topped more year-end lists than any other Dark Horse series!

* New York Times bestseller!

Mind MGMT 22 CoverThe ending from the “silent” Mind MGMT #21 is still dangling from the cliff. And while in this issue we learn more about some of the newly introduced characters, the story comes with an entirely new set of questions. And like with any great mystery – as much is answered, is questioned. Hell, when magic is involved, the source of truth is often too blurred to be sure. At least Matt hasn’t introduced time travel…yet.

Matt Kindt is a master. With every issue of Mind MGMT, you get at least three stories. These stories, appear separate, but ALWAYS interconnect in some way. For example, do the picture frames in the “Mind Memo” at the end of the issue, look familiar? Does the writing up the left hand side feel eerily connected to the pages it is associated? Do you experience an almost natural Déjà vu feeling while reading?

If not, you may be doing it wrong.

But is there such a thing as “doing it wrong” while reading Mind MGMT? This story can be enjoyed on so many levels, by so many different perspectives – For all I know, I am doing it wrong. But I am enjoying every magically painted page along the way.

That said, to level-set, by the end of any volume (and we are getting ever closer to the end of Volume 4: “The Magician”), most things become clear. Or as clear as intended.

This is one of those stories that is far greater than the sum of its parts. And let me tell you, its parts are masterpieces on their own. Both in story and in art. Matt makes sure every page is a fantastic work of art. Hand painted, scanned, tweaked, enhanced, littered with bonuses, and printed direct to you. I realize I have said this before, but it is certainly the best money you can spend for the value – both by entertainment and intellectual standards.

So, as you read this issue, keep its cover in mind.

It may or may not be a pipe. You may or may not smell smoke.

Either way, it doesn’t mean those aren’t zebras coming.

  • + Matt Kindt delivers the best interconnected set of spy stories, ever.
  • + Every page is a work of watercolor art.
  • + Plot twists and jagged lines. See what you want, it is all an illusion anyway.
  • - Confused? The Eraser sends her regards.

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