Mind MGMT #19 Review

The FOURTH Volume and SECOND Half of the epic Mind MGMT story, starts here.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The second half of Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT epic begins with just as many questions as the first! Meru is back on the team, but can she ever trust Lyme again? What role did the Magician play in the Management in the 1960s through the 1980s? And what is the secret of the seven Immortals?

* New story arc!
* Don’t miss the prologue in Dark Horse Presents #31!

Mind MGMT 19 CoverIf you are just now joining us for this adventure, up to this point Matt Kindt has wowed us with an amazing super-human-spy vs. super-human-spy story. And the story is just part of the “amazing”. Each month he goes above and beyond, to provide readers with the best value in comics today.

How does he accomplish this? With everything he does – from simple reader interaction, to the more complex involvement of the social media scene into his actual process. In fact, just last week he “Live-Tweeted” the start-to-finish making of the cover to Mind MGMT #24. Yeah. It is as cool as it sounds.

And while that is a good five issues from now, if we check back in Twitter history, we find the goods on our present issue, this issue  -Issue #19. On December 17th, 2013, Matt tweeted, “Using Kirby’s 6-panel grid for MIND MGMT #19…definitely makes you treat each panel like a stand-alone composition.”

My point is this: Mind MGMT is one of the best stories of all time, and its creation is happening live, on display, in real-time, and often reflects elements from “the real world”, including YOU.

Enough about how wonderful the entire story is – how about issue #19? Well, as you could imagine, it is amazing. Another best, in a long list of bests.

As usual for me and my reviews of Mind MGMT, I will not spoil the story, nor perplex any new readers, so all plot items are off the table. I will, on the other hand, ask you this:

How many other comic stories offer a plot with FOUR different perspectives on the same 6-panel page?

Page after page, we see the main sub-plots play out, each in their own section of panels.

Yeah, you read that correctly. And while the plot of Mind MGMT is fairly complex, Matt has once again found a way to make it easy to follow. In fact, just today Matt tweeted, “MIND MGMT 19 is out tomorrow! The key to easier reading will be the color coding this month (see photo)”.

All this, and we still get “extras”. From “The Second Floor” (a 20-panel catch-up for the story so far) at the beginning of the book, to the ever-enlightening “Mind Memos” at the end, there is always “more to the story”.

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  • + Matt Kindt redefines what it means to make comics.
  • + Every page of Mind MGMT is a work of art.
  • + "You will love this comic." -The Management
  • - We are already half-way through this amazing story...

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