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The Mercenary Sea #8 Review

The Mercenary Sea 8_C
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Eight issues in is this still still a worthwhile adventure book? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“ON TREASURE ISLAND” The second of a two-part story: On the hunt for Koji Ra, Jack and the crew of the Venture explore ancient ruins on a deserted island and run into an old adversary. This issue also includes a bonus short story just in time for Christmas.

The Mercenary Sea 8_Preview PageI have to say that the creative team continues to flesh out a series that speaks to a genre audience. The Mercenary Sea is what it sets out to be while managing to be a release that knows where it wants to go. It’s a title that feels unique to the comic rack as the content therein does enough right to warrant a look.

Kel Symons pens the script and author takes the intrepid crew of the Venture to a tiny island that sports an active volcano. So needless to say the set-up makes their visit brief but as the hunt for Koji Ra continues, the text makes it clear that this might just be an important stop-over. At this point the majority of the characters are one-note archetypes, but in the best way possible, while Captain Jack Harper anchors them in a strong sequence of events. There are a few off moments where the dialogue seems a bit stiff but never enough to take me out of the moment.

Beyond the written word it’s the visuals by Mathew Reynolds that sell this yarn. Through digital renditions that carry a strong focus on structure, while embedding a hefty use of depth of field, there’s no doubt that this talent was the right choice for this saga. There were quite a few panels that got my attention, and as the climax neared the pictures at play matched the tempo of the piece.

The Mercenary Sea #8 is an easy comic book to grade because it’s rock solid with a bit more meat to it. There’s an overuse of genre tropes but that fails to damper the conclusion, as this outing earns a recommendation.

  • + Manages some amazing visuals.
  • + It's an adventure yarn done right.
  • + Offered an attention grabbing plot.
  • - Beyond Jack, the cast felt a bit flat...

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