Wolverine Annual #1 Review

With Wolverine having only One Month to Die, is this the appropriate time for an Annual? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• A little Father/Adoptive Daughter/Adoptive Daughter’s son time. Now that’s a mouthful.
• Wolverine and Jubilee take Shogo on a camping trip.
• Hey, it’s a Wolverine story in the middle of the wilderness. What could go wrong?

WOLVANN2014001-DC21-59810As every comic book fan will know, Wolverine has only One Month to Die, with the Death of Wolverine being just around the corner. In the meantime however we get this nice little one-shot Annual, that sees Wolverine and Jubilee go on a camping trip, only to find themselves embroiled in a huge misunderstanding.

Elliott Kalan writes a thrilling script, with it easily being the standout part of this tale. Being intensely dramatic, and emotionally drive, Kalan does a terrific job of fleshing out this tale of love, hurt and misunderstanding. The way in which he sets up this tale, with a nice little outing between Logan and Jubilee, to the turn it into an all out thrill ride really enticed me, with the dialogue throughout being very gripping. I also loved how Kalan showed Logan’s vulnerability, finding it nice to see Jubilee look after him for a change. Despite this I did find the ending to be ever so slightly anticlimactic, though not enough that it ruined the story.

The art in this issue didn’t appeal to me, as though Jonathan Marks showed talent, with some highly detailed panels, the overall finish wasn’t to my taste. The main thing that I disliked about the art was the colours of Jose Villarrubia, as along with the more rougher panels of Marks art, they felt a little too messy. Despite this I did enjoy some areas of the art, finding the layout, and flow to be very exciting, with there also being wonderful tone throughout.

Wolverine may only have One Month to Die, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have some fun with his good friend Jubilee, in this thrilling Annual which I thoroughly recommend.

  • + Another classic Wolverine/Jubilee team-up.
  • + Elliott Kalan writes a thrilling script.
  • + Nice to see Jubilee look after Logan for a change.
  • - Jonathan Marks and Jose Villarrubia's art wasn't to my taste.

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