Wolverine #12 Review

With Death of Wolverine only a week away will Paul Cornell‘s run come to an exciting end, or will it fail miserably? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Looks like Sabretooth is ready for his final showdown with Logan and he sure picked a meaningful venue.
• Didn’t we just see a fight in a shopping mall that seriously scarred Logan?
• Oh, right. That whole “messing with Wolverine” thing.

Wolverine #12 variantA part of me has been really looking forward to this issue, as though the big anticipation id next week, and the start of Death of Wolverine, I personally was very excited to see how the regular series ended. Much to my fears the ending was rather underwhelming, feeling rather rushed. The ending itself also felt overlooked by the upcoming Death of Wolverine series, not wanting to do anything to overshadow, or affect that particular story.

So Paul Cornell‘s 25 issue run on Wolverine comes to an end, and I have to say it was rather disappointing. Despite finally seeing Wolverine and Sabretooth square off, Cornell fails to deliver the energy, and excitement that this double sized finale needed. Events also moved rather quickly, with even the battle itself feeling rather short. In addition to this the two back-up tales give very little to entice, with the page count being better utilised on the main tale. Cornell didn’t however leave on a complete downer, as Wolverine’s vulnerability, and determination was on show brilliantly, proving that despite lacking his healing factor that he wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done.

Pete Woods yet again handles the art on this tale, bringing The Last Wolverine Story to a visually enticing end. Joined by colourist David Curiel, Woods injects some dynamic into the tale, as despite it’s overall underwhelming after effect, it remained very eye catching throughout. The art on both backstories were also handled brilliantly, with Salvador Larroca making these frustratingly pointless tales, and making them appealing to the eye.

Paul Cornell’s Wolverine run ends in an very disappointing manor, feeling rushed, and overlooked to accommodate the upcoming Death of Wolverine series. Cause of this I can’t recommend this, though if you’ve been following the series this far it’d be pointless to miss the end.

  • + Wolverine proves strong despite his mortality.
  • + Wonderful art throughout this double-sized issue.
  • - Everything felt rushed and overlooked.
  • - Wolverine/Sabretooth fight lacked the epic vibe it needed.

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