Uncanny Avengers #24 Review

Who is kidnapping members of the Avengers Unity Squad? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

The MARCH to AXIS continues!
• Havok and his team defeated at the hands of the sinister S-Men!
• A dark secret in Genosha!
• The Red Skull’s revenge is now unstoppable.

Uncanny Avengers #24 previewThe March to AXIS continues, with the Red Skull’s plan to create mutant death camps coming closer to fruition, with his first targets being members of the Avengers Unity Squad. At the same time, Avengers Unity Squad leader Alex Summers has to adjust to living with a massive disfigurement, as his mutant ability no longer proves to be his most distinguishing feature.

Rick Remender has in one simply move made me even more excited for the upcoming AXIS event. I didn’t even know that was possible. The tension throughout this issue was simply amazing, with the Days of Future Past like mutant death camps raising the tempo of this issue tenfold. Remender also shows the sheer scope of this event perfectly, with the addition of Magneto proving that it’s not just the Avengers Unity Squad that will feel the brunt of AXIS.

The detailed artwork from Salvador Larroca was simply amazing, with it quite possibly being his best work yet. Between his dramatic layouts, and the mixture of emotions, he set a wonderful tone throughout this prelude, with it having an almost cinematic vibe to it. Larroca also gives us wonderful setting, and along with the intensity he placed into Magneto, it has me excited for the main event. All this is finished off by the sensational colours of Dean White, with his sleek palette giving an intense overtone to Larroca’s work.

Uncanny Avengers #24 does a wonderful job of setting up AXIS, with the addition of Magneto also giving us a taste of how vast this event will be. Highly recommended.

  • + Rick Remender has me even more excited for AXIS.
  • + Salvador Larroca produces some of his best work yet.
  • + Magneto makes a intense appearance.
  • + Alex contemplates his new predicament.

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