Superman: Doomed #2 Review

Will Superman save the day? Or will Brainiac doom us all? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

A Man of Steel who has lost himself in the monster must once again go up against the first threat he ever faced as Superman in the form of a villain who now has the power to warp reality with a thought. But this time if he defeats Brainiac, Earth will be lost. Batman, Wonder Woman, Steel, Supergirl are joined by Starfire, Guy Gardner and Green Lantern Simon Bazz and even Swamp Thing to make a fateful decision about their friend.

Superman Doomed #2 variantSuperman: Doomed as a crossover event could have been so much better than it has, with the transition between chapters and overall plot feeling a bit stretched. It’s this reason that a part of me is happy that this event has reached it’s conclusion, as though the inclusion of Brainiac has injected some interest into the series, it’s a little too late in the game to merit an extra chapter.

Action Comics writer Greg Pak, and Superman/Wonder Woman writer Charles Soule co-write this script, and having been the two men behind this story (with former Superman writer Scott Lobdell only contributing to two issues and a prelude, and Supergirl writer Tony Bedard on the sole entry from that series) it’s fitting that they pull their resources to end this tale. Having some awesome moments the duo manage to end this tale on a relative high, with the conversation between Clark and Brainiac being extremely gripping. It is however the way the duo manage to make me feel sorry for Brainiac, to instantly return this feeling to distaste that impressed me most, with Brainiac’s backstory being an emotional twist to this conclusion.

The artwork on this title is handled by several different artists, including Superman: Doomed #1 artist Ken Lashley and Action Comics artist Aaron Kuder. Usually I dislike multiple artists on a single comic, and there is a moment where this though proves true. The art as a whole however proves very smooth and intense, with most artists’ work suiting one another. Merging the different styles we get awesome colours from Wil Quintana, with his vibrant art allowing a smooth transition between the various artists, whilst also giving brilliant tone at the same time.

Superman: Doomed #2 end the event on an emotionally dramatic high, as though I question whether the event as a whole is worth recommending, this issue most certainly is. Recommended

  • + Brainiac will make you care, then make you hate.
  • + Greg Pak and Charles Soule end the story on a high.
  • + The various artists give an intense set of visuals.
  • - Possibly too little, too late as far as Brainiac is concerned.

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