What has caused Martian Manhunter to cry out for help? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

In the concluding chapter of the epic story that began in this month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: FUTURES END #1, the armies of Mars rise against the unsuspecting population of Earth – and only the combined might of the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes can stand against them!

Justice League United Futures End #1 3DIt’s not often that I’m happy when solicitation are wrong, but having dreaded DC giving us the second part of a two part story, before the first part was out, I’m glad that they got the order wrong. Kicking off a two part story set in the Futures End timeline, Justice League United sees former Justice League United member Equinox team-up with the current Justice League to respond to a distress call from Martian Manhunter.

Justice League United scribe Jeff Lemire is behind this two part story. Though the issue as a whole feels like the set-up to a really great tale, Lemire manages to grab the readers attention straight away, with an exciting sequence featuring Equinox. Additionally Lemire also does a brilliant job of teasing the conclusion, with the final page having me excited for Justice League Futures End #1 which is out next week. On a side note, readers of the Futures End weekly series will also find some references appealing, as though it’s still a self contained story, it’s always nice to get them little nods.

The issue is graced by very fluent, and dynamic artwork from Jed Dougherty who creates an exciting set of visuals. Unfortunately however the art is let down slightly with jarring facial expressions, with the bold inks only going to enhance the awkward feeling. Despite this there is a lot to like about Dougherty’s art, with the detailed scenery, and dramatic layouts making for a much more engaging experience, with his take on Grodd and the other villains being awesome. Alongside Dougherty we get wonder colours from Gabe Eltaeb, with his mixture of bold and toned colours generating a brilliant atmosphere.

Justice League United: Futures End #1 may not be the best Futures End issue, but it’s far from the worst, with it’s set-up having me excited for Justice League: Futures End #1. Recommended.

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