Will the Justice League prevail in stopping Captain Atom’s prison break? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

The mystery of the Martian Manhunter is revealed at last as his decades-long plan for world domination comes to fruition! Continues in this month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED: FUTURES END #1!

Justice League Futures End #1 3DJustice League: Futures End #1 continues the story that started in last weeks Justice League United: Futures End #1, with the Justice League from five years into the future team-up with former Justice League United member Equinox to help save Martian Manhunter and prevent Captain Atom from breaking himself and other villains out of the Mars based prison.

Having set things up nicely in last weeks issue, I was interested to see what Jeff Lemire would do here. The result was something very exciting, with the slower build-up of last issue paying off big time. I especially enjoyed the exchange of dialogue between Captain Atom and the various League members, with the speculation of past sins being extremely intriguing. In addition, the conclusion itself also felt both enticing and appropriate. I can’t help but think however that fans of Justice League, who don’t follow Justice League United may be a little upset with this title, especially if they didn’t get last weeks installment.

Much like Justice League United: Futures End #1, Jed Dougherty also handled the artwork on this issue. Though the facial expressions still remained stiff and jarring, with the inks once again enhancing this trait, it was nice to see the artist return, with his exciting style making the story feel more fluent. I also enjoyed how he build atmosphere, and excitement through the explosive action sequences, with the more emotional facial expressions proving powerful towards the end. Colourist Gabe Eltaeb also returned for this issue, with his bold palette once again working perfectly alongside Dougherty’s art.

Justice League: Futures End #1 proved and awesome conclusion to last weeks Justice League United: Futures End #1, though fans who missed that may feel left out. Despite that it still gets a recommendation from me.

  • + Fitting conclusion.
  • + Jeff Lemire produces an exciting script.
  • + Jed Dougherty once again created exciting artwork.
  • - Fans who missed last weeks opening issue may feel annoyed.

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