Justice League #34 Review

What will happen to the Justice League prior to The Amazo Virus? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Paranoid survivalist. Wanted fugitive. Damned soul. Meet the newest member of the Justice League: Jessica Cruz, a.k.a. Power Ring! With the most dangerous weapon in the universe in her possession, Jessica has been transformed into a dark prophet – one who will force the other members of the League to confront their greatest fears in preparation for a horrific new threat. Meanwhile, Batman and Lex Luthor continue their mission to cure the world of super-villains – but will the extremes they’re willing to go to threaten even their closest allies? Lex hopes so.

Justice League #34 selfieEpilogues are always hard to judge, as on the one hand you don’t want it overshadowing either the story that’s finished or about to start, but at the same time you don’t want it to feel slow and laggy. Justice League #35 manages to find this middle ground for the most part, as though the pace changes from character to character, the developments remain focused.

Geoff Johns may not have produced his best script in this issue, but what he has done is capture my attention. Between the Flash trying to train Jessica Cruz, and the merger of Wayne Enterprises and Lexcorp there are plenty to whet the appetite, as though neither one is intriguing enough on it’s own, the combination certainly proves the opposite. Johns also gives an enthralling development near the end, but as the series moves into The Amazo Virus I’m not sure what affect this’ll have on the near future.

Scott Kolins‘ artwork leaves me with mixed feelings, as though there’s an obvious flair for excitement, and energy, his panels at times feel a little overcrowded. I also felt that his style didn’t suit every character, as though Flash, Captain Cold and Jessica Cruz all looked amazing, most of the other characters felt off. Despite this the general pace of Kolins art did enough to keep me engaged, and along with Andrew Dalhouse‘s vibrant colours it really allowed Johns’ tale to shine.

Justice League #34 does a good job of bridging the gap between the latest series of events and the upcoming The Amazo Virus storyline. It is however not the best opportunity for new fans to jump aboard, having a lot going on that may confuse. Nevertheless as a whole I recommend this issue, and especially to current readers of the series.

  • + Some intriguing developments throughout.
  • + Geoff Johns does a great job of bridging the gap between arcs.
  • + Scott Kolins art suits certain characters, but not others.
  • - A little too much going on at times.

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  • Marcell Hines

    Man those selfies covers were hideous, glad that month is over.

    • John McCubbin

      I didn’t mind some of them (the Harley Quinn one in particular stood out), and the concept behind this one really worked, but the finish along with the theme itself didn’t thrill me.