Hulk Annual #1 Review

Is this Doc Green’s biggest test yet, and who from Hulk’s past will make an appearance? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Someone close to HULK dies
• What impact will this have on one of the most dangerous super beings on the planet?
• And how does a ghost from the past threaten to haunt the world of the Hulk forever?

Hulk Annual #1 preview“Never interrupt a scientist at work…. it makes me fractious! And you wouldn’t like me when I’m fractious!!” This certainly proves to be the theme in this issue, with another scientist close to Hulk’s recent past not allowing anything to get in her way. Having catastrophic consequences, the events of Hulk Annual #1 prove to be very exciting, as well as extremely clever.

Monty Nero handles his second Marvel Annual in recent months, with the gamma like virus within spreading excitement throughout the issue. Though Nero’s script doesn’t prove as enticing as recent events from the main series, the concept of a Hulk like virus spreading through plants really intrigued me. Nero also showed a more humanitarian side to Doc Green in this tale, and though this isn’t something I expected from the new Hulk, it was interesting. Despite this I did find the change in writing style half way through to be a little off putting, with the sudden injection of narration being a little overpowering.

The artwork on this Annual was split into three chapters, with Luke Ross and LeBeau Underwood working on chapter one, Patrick Goddard on both the prologue and chapter two, and Marc Laming on chapter three. Though there is a noticeable difference between each artist, the detail and similar style allows for a very smooth transition, with colourist Jordan Boyd helping give a consistent tone throughout. In addition, the dynamic layouts of the artist also helped liven things up, with Ross’ art on chapter one being particularly exciting.

Hulk Annual #1 proves a worthy read for any Hulk fan, with this alternative look into Doc Green’s M.O. being very enticing. Recommended.

  • + A new threat for Doc Green.
  • + An array of talented artists.
  • + Monty Nero delivers an intriguing script.
  • + Style change proved overpowering.

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